Private Sector’s mobile phone presence beneficial to subscribers – says expert

Tehran, Mar 10. MOBNA – A telecom senior expert suggested presence of private sector in mobile phone domain would create a healthy competition among present operators

, which would be all to subscribers’ advantage.
Mohammad Reza Majidi, in conversation with MOBNA, suggested 3rd Operator should take advantage of 1st and 2nd operators’ experiences so as not to repeat the same errors.
He said 3rd Operator will employ 3G technology which can transmit data, sound and picture more suitably.
He believed the new operator’s use of 1st and 2nd operators’ BTS antennas or more developed ones could improve cities’ sceneries while being cost-effective.
It had been planned that 3rd Operator tender be held this winter, but no announcements have been made so far.
He stressed that mobile phone technology is progressing towards 4G, through which information is transmitted in data form.
He said by that means downloading music and video clips, as well as sharing files via the mobile phone will be hugely popular.


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